Tuesday, December 9, 2008

college life not what you think

starting college you think of all the best college movies hollywood has made but you never once realize until it is too late that you cant have messed up mondays, tastey tuesdays, wild and wacky wednesdays, thirsty thursdays, frat friday, and shitfaced saturday, and suck ass sober sundays (days of the week thanks to a friend) and make it through college. It is all about moving and meeting new people,it is an experience each young adult should do before leaving the "coope" for good. It shows you different things and makes you get your life in line ,leaving up to your own expectations not what you think your parents would want you too. then you wake up one morning a week from finals and notice all your scholarships could possibly be gone if you dont pass all your test that coming week. Than you think it is possible to cram for it all but you pass out everytime you even try to read your anat book.college just isnt what we all think and what you hear all through high school. But dont get me wrong college has been a great experience one of the best i have to admit i have met tons of new people from different places ^and i wonder why did they come here to this town, than i realize probably the same reason i did for something new^ i also have had my share of parties and late nights not always for studying ,but i have pulled through my first semester of college.